Puppy Inquries


Contact Information

Household Information

Does anyone in the household have allergies to dogs?


Is everyone in the household committed to getting a Great Dane?


Previous Experience

Are you familiar with the characteristics, temperament and health related problems in the Great Dane?

Do you have other animals?

Are your other animals spayed or neutered?

If you do not have other dogs now, have you had other dogs in the past?

Have you ever shown a dog in conformation?

Have you ever shown a dog in obedience?

Have you ever done any obedience training with dogs?


Puppy Preferences

What sex do you prefer?

If your preference for male or female is not available, would you consider the other sex?

Do you want your puppy's ears cropped?

What activities do you intend to pursue with this puppy? (check all that apply)

How do you plan to get the puppy to you?


Lifestyle Information

Do you have a fenced yard or enclosure?

If more than six hours, will there be a lunch walk?


Micellaneous Information