Danemark's Spicy Affaire


Cayenne is just over 3 months old here.


Cayenne takes RWB from the 6-9 class

Cayenne is just over 6 months old here and this is her first show.

Cayenne is reserve winners bitch in her first show

Cayenne showing at the Willamette Valley Great Dane Club Specialty Show in April, 2016

Stacked in the lineup - photo courtesy of Stacie Knudtsen

Cayenne showing

Gaiting - photo courtesy of Stacie Knudtsen

Cayenne showing

Cayenne takes her first 2 point win in Sacramento

She was awarded WB/BOW/BOBOH

Cayenne wins in Sacramento

Cayenne at the Great Dane Club of N. California Specialty - April 30, 2016

Photos courtesy of Gadabout Photography

Cayenne in the ring

Cayenne just a little over 3 months

Cayenne loves climbing up on things.

Cayenne sits at 3 1/2 months

Cayenne waiting for me to move out of her favorite chair

She's just over 1 year old here.

Cayenne in a chair.