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Dane Quest Jill Evan's - A memorial

DDC studbooks - coming soon

Great Dane Rescue

Dane Outreach, Inc. Great Dane Rescue of Northern California
Great Dane Rescue, Inc. Great Dane Rescue of Ohio, Inc.


Great Dane Gazette Great Dane Review
Daneworld Dog News
Canine Chronicle


American Kennel Club Canadian Kennel Club
The Great Dane Club of America The Great Dane Club of Canada
The Great Dane Club of Northern California The Great Dane Club of California
The Monterey Bay Great Dane Club Westminster Kennel Club
International All Breed Canine Association of America The United Kennel Club (UKC)

Show Superintendents

Jack Onofrio Dog Shows, L.L.C. MB-F, Inc.
Jack Bradshaw Dog Shows Special Secretaries for Specialty Shows
Premium Lists & Events to Dog Shows in BC

Informational Websites

Ginnies Da Danes and other stuff Sunstrike Great Danes
Great Dane Links Chromadane
The ABCs of Buying a Purebred Puppy

Great Dane Breeders

GDCA Breeders Directory


Karen Pryor's Clicker Training Home Page Gary Wilkes Click and Treat Training
ATTS - American Temperament Test Society, Inc.


International Canine Semen Bank Canine Cryobank
C.L.O.N.E. The Responsible Breeder and Making a Difference
Camelot Farms Artificial Insemination
Pre-Breeding Examination For The Stud Dog Pre-Breeding Exam For The Bitch
Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)

Health and Education

Great Dane Health and Welfare The Dreaded Bloat
Canine Hip Displaysia - Part I Articles by W. Jean Dodds DVM on Thyroid function and disease
Canine Hip Displaysia - Part II Vaccinosis
Canine Hip Displaysia - Part III Volhard Dog Nutrition
Canine Hip Displaysia - Part IV Vaccination Issue
Canine Hip Displaysia - Part V National Animal Poison Control Center
Canine Hip Displaysia - Part VI Dogfolk Enterprises
Alternative, Complementary and Holistic Veterinary Medicine (AltVetMed) Sirius
VetInfo - Veterinary Medical Information