Affaire's Solar Arc, "Chile"


Sire: Ch Rockingdane's Nvr A Dull Moment Dam: Blanton's Country Affaire

Chile was a great dog. And, he lived a very full life. He spent many hours on trails and along waterways, enjoying nature as a good dog will do. We will always miss him.

Chile was placed with my dear friend, Shelley Hayse, as a show dog. It turned out he had seasonal and contact allergies to pollens and grasses. With his skin being inflamed with allergic reactions, we decided we would not show him and he would live out his life as a beloved pet. Through Shelley's great care, diet, herbal and homeopathic remedies, his allergies subsided over the years and became pretty managable.

Around the age of nine, he started to show signs of bladder/kidney issues. He was urinating more frequently and unable to hold it when he had to go. He had a course of antibiotics and that too, seemed to subside.

After a fun play date with his packmates and a hedge hog, Chile settled down with a bone and life was good. Then he had what appeared to be a seizure and died. No necropsy was done, so we don't know exactly what the cause was. He had his last echo in December of 2010, a couple of months before his 8th birthday, and it was normal. There were no apparent signs of heart disease.

RIP sweet boy.