Rockingdanes Legendary Affaire, "Lina"


Sire: Ch Lagarada's Timberline Gold Dam: Can Ch Rockingdanes Gone With The Wind

Lina had been having digestive troubles for a couple of months. She'd lost a considerable amount of weight. An endoscopy was done on December 23, 2003. We expected results on the 26th or 29th, but she died before they were available. She was generally healthy and had a good appetite all of her life. She was diagnosed TgAA positive when pre-breeding screening tests were being done in 2001, so she was spayed and never bred.

Lina was shown briefly and had 4 points and several reserves. I think if she would not have grayed so young, she would have finished quickly. She is only 4 in this picture and has as much gray as my 9 year old.

On December 28, 2003, I received the results of the endoscopy showed that Lina did have Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

There are several forms of IBD:

  1. Lymphocytes and Plasmacytes Lymphocytic-plasmacytic IBD, which is the most common form of IBD
  2. Eosinophils Eosinophilic IBD, the second most common form and tends to be more severe than lymphocytic-plasmacytic
  3. Fibrous Tissue and Eosinophils Regional Granulomatous, which is rare and similar to Crohn's disease in humans
  4. Neutrophils Suppurative or Neutrophilic. With this form there is a need to exclude bacterial infection as a cause of the infiltrate

Lina had a combination of Lymphocytic-plasmacytic and Esonophilic IBD. The presence of the Esoniphils is indicative of a food allergy. Lina would have been treated with a combination of drugs and diet change. Some dogs just don't respond well to treatment for this and it is possible that even if we had gotten Lina's condition diagnosed sooner, we would not have been able to save her. The vet and I both suspect her heart gave out due to her emaciated condition.