Affaire's Quiet Storm, "Noah"


Sire: BISS Ch Lagarada's Aspen Gold Dam: Affaire's For Your Eyes Only

Noah was a littermate to Chase and Tailor. He was echoed normal in April of 2008 and had never had any signs of ill health.

In late August, his owners noted that he didn't have much of an appetite, but otherwise seemed ok. After a couple of days of this, it became obvious that he was not feeling well and they took him to the vet. Noah was in splenic torsion. They did surgery to remove his spleen and perform a gastropexy.

After the surgery, Noah's heart rate was a bit irregular and he was having PVC's periodically, but that is not unusual after this type of surgery and it was not severe enough for him to remain hospitalized. After his recovery, he was sent home. He did quite well and his appetite was back. Everything seemed back to normal.

Bill was working in his office and thought it was unusual that Noah was not right there with him, so went to see where he was. Noah was found lying dead and was not necropsied. We can only assume that he had a fatal arrythmia due to the abnormal heart rhythm resulting from the splenic torsion surgery.